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When presenting your home for sale it is vital that professional photography is undertaken to give you a competitive advantage. The following list contains useful tips to help present your property in readiness for photography and launch on to the market.


  • Kitchen – Clear bench tops and sinks by putting away all dishes & cleaning equipment, tidy the pantry, place new liners in bins and remove fridge magnets
  • Bathroom / Ensuite – Neatly display fresh towels & remove bath mats, remove toiletries from sink & bath areas
  • Bedrooms – Make all beds immaculately, consider new doona covers and pillows that will brighten the room, remove any visible items from beneath beds and place all clothing & shoes neatly away
  • Remove clutter and any surplus furniture to make rooms look spacious
  • Hide electrical cables from view
  • Make sure all light globes work, where possible use the same type of globe
  • Clean around light switches and door handles
  • Remove items from window sills
  • Remove excess items on tabletops
  • All rooms should be clean, tidy and fresh
  • Professionally clean or replace carpets where required
  • Consider a fresh coat of paint particularly in bedrooms or main living areas


  • Ensure lawns are freshly mowed, weed any garden beds and consider adding rocks or mulch as required
  • Store away garden tools, hoses & items that may make the yard look messy
  • Clean / sweep patios, outdoor entertaining & BBQ areas
  • Consider restaining timber decked areas
  • Move bins out of view
  • Take washing off the line
  • Make sure all of your outdoor lighting is in working order
  • Park vehicles in the garage or on the street
  • If you have a pool, make sure it is clean & free of leaves
  • Consider replacing fences where required


  • Add a vase of flowers and fill your fruit bowl
  • Healthy pot plants around outdoor entertaining areas
  • Set your outside table with a bottle of wine and some glasses
  • Check that all appliances are in good working order
  • Prior to inspections set up an inviting aroma such as freshly brewed coffee, cake baking, incense or scented candles

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